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Weeding Flower Beds

Do you need your flower bed or around your trees weeded? Let Mike from Morrison's Handy Man and Lawn Service do that for you. He will come in and weed your flower beds or around the tree by trying to remove the weed by the root. Mike will haul away all the pulled weeds to leave your flower bed cleared. After the bed is cleared, he will apply preen to help prevents weeds from come back.

After Mike gets done witht weeding, why don't you like Mike go ahead and mulch your flower beds or around your trees. He has the trailer to go and get the best mulch in Paris, KY. The mulch that Mike uses doesn't smell like cow manure and it stands the test of time. Mike has the equipment to go and get the mulch, bring it to your house or busniess and spreads.

CALL Mike to get your free, no obligation quote, call us at +1 859-707-5001.