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Seasonal Lawn Care Tips

During Night or Early Dawn

Did you know that watering your lawn in the heat of the day may cause more damage than good. If you have water system to water your grass; have it come on at 3:00 Am or 4:00 AM. If not, water it after the heat of the day is gone and the sun has gone down.


Drink water and more water and a little more water. Stay hydrated. Also feed your body food; it needs food and water when you are out in the heat. Also don't be afraid to take a break and cool off.

Watch the

If you are out working and you see it clouding up; pay attention. If you are working in your yard or garden and you see it clouding up, make sure you have a safe route to get out of the elements. Lighting can travel through trees, ground and it is very attractive to metal. So just pay attention when the weather starts to break.

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